Why RGD?

An investment that keeps on giving.

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) is a hub for the graphic design community, promoting knowledge sharing, continuous learning, research, advocacy and mentorship. We work to establish professional standards, best practices and innovative thinking within our industry and beyond.

  • 438,483 RGD Website Visits in 2014
  • 3,199 Current Members
  • 236 Job Postings
  • 1 RGD


  • 20,000 Hours of Volunteer and Staff Time Invested in 2014
  • 350 Communities Represented
  • 790 Certified RGDs
  • 3,199 Current Members

RGD connects the community to provide knowledge sharing, continuous learning, research, advocacy and mentorship.

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Stefan Sagmeister speaking at DesignThinkers 2012


DesignThinkers is Canada’s largest, graphic design event, where leading visual communicators from around the globe share insights, offer guidance and make you think. Past speakers include Michael Bierut, Edward Burtynsky, Kyle Cooper, Jessica Hische, Daniel Libeskind, Gael Towey and Massimo Vignelli.

DesignThinkers 2015 takes place Nov. 12-13 in Toronto.

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  • 14,292 Attendees
    since 2000
  • 1,657 Attendees in 2014
  • 493 Presentations
    since 2000
  • 15 Conferences since 2000



Through convenient distance learning, RGD presents opportunities to learn new skills and stay ahead of trends.

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  • 280 Articles & Resources published to the RGD Website in 2014
  • 151 Presenters who shared professional insights in 2014
  • 69 Webinars in 2014


RGD advocates best practices for both graphic designers and the clients they work with. RGD actively supports, defends and maintains a series of policies including those surrounding spec work; accessibility; sustainability and internships.

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  • 21 No-Spec Letters sent by RGD in 2014
  • 38% Success Rate

National Salary Survey

Respondents to Seven National Surveys since 2000
  • 3,331 Respondents in 2014
  • 2,895+ downloads of 2014/2015 results

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From our annual Student Awards to our So(cial) Good Design Awards to RGD profiles, RGD recognizes and promotes the work of members to encourage excellence and demonstrate the value design brings to business and society.

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  • $242,000 Awarded to students
    since 1998
  • 77 Honours bestowed
    since 2012
  • 107 RGDs featured on the RGD website
HeadStart presenters
Antonio Lennert Prov. RGD & Symon Oliver


  • 13 HeadStart Emerging Designer Conferences since 2001
  • 1,181 Portfolio Reviews in 2015

RGD offers Members who are passionate about the industry opportunities to share their expertise and knowledge with the next generation.

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  • 236 Job/RFP Posts to RGD Website in 2014
  • 201 Jobs Posted by by Members for Free in 2014


  • 120 Junior/Intermediate Design Positions
  • 73 Senior Design Positions
  • 43 Non-design Positions

The RGD website is the definitive career resource for our industry, serving job seekers and employers in all design-related functions.


RGD Portfolio Review at HeadStart


RGD depends on the support of numerous volunteers at every level of membership to guide, develop, grow and improve the Association and its many programs and services. From the professional members who serve on the Board to the Students who volunteer as part of a structured Program, they are the driving force behind all that we have accomplished.

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Volunteer Hours Contributed to RGD in 2015 thus far:
  • 80 Members currently serving on Boards & Committees
  • 275 Members who have served on Boards since 1996

6,500+ Volunteer Hours Contributed to RGD in 2014

RGD Handbook

12,500 RGD Handbooks distributed since 2001

The Business of Graphic Design: A Professional's Handbook is the first and only comprehensive Canadian guide to maintaining a graphic design business. The Handbook covers professional business management as it applies to graphic design and the maintenance of a graphic design business.

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Distinguish Yourself as an RGD Professional. In a world of increasing competition, graphic design professionals need to be able to set themselves apart. The RGD designation signifies that you provide effective design solutions to further your clients' goals and objectives, and that you perform to a high ethical and professional standard, as certified by your Association of peers.

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  • 75 Questions on Written Test
  • 6 Portfolio Pieces with Rationales
  • 3 Portfolio Interviewers
  • 83% Passing Rate Overall


For full details on how to access these benefits, log-in to the site as a Member.

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Design ROI

An investment that keeps on giving.

At RGD, we work collaboratively to provide programs and opportunities that help designers, educators and students advance in a world of immense change. We believe in professional accountability but recognize that Return on Investment (ROI) is measured in many ways. Take a closer look and take advantage of all that RGD provides.

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