Distinguish Yourself as a Certified RGD!

In a world of increasing competition, graphic design professionals need to be able to set themselves apart. Putting the RGD designation after your name lets clients know that you are a professional practitioner of graphic design, that you have many years of experience and education and that you understand not only their design needs, but also their business objectives.


Taking the steps to become a certified RGD is less daunting and more rewarding than you might think.


To become an RGD, a designer must be professionally competent in areas of business, design principles, research and ethics and must be able to demonstrate the successful application of this knowledge to design problems.


Registered Graphic Designers (RGDs) have successfully completed the Registered Graphic Designers Qualification Exam and are able to use the designations Registered Graphic Designer and RGD after their names.

Annual Fee: $335 + HST

The Examination involves three steps:

- the application to determine eligibility

- the Written Test

- the Portfolio Interview


Attend an Information Session to find out more!


If you are unable to attend the live info session, a recording of the presentation can be accessed here: https://vimeo.com/97448645.



Further details on the goals and objectives of the Exam are available in the Examination Brief, which may be downloaded here.