Distinguish Yourself as a Certified RGD

Certified RGDs have a demonstrated understanding of business best practices, accessible design principles, research methods and ethical responsibilities, and the successful application of strategic design principles to marketing & communications challenges. RGD Certification demonstrates you are an experienced professional that understands design needs and business objectives.


Admin Fee*: CDN $169.50 (includes applicable taxes)
Annual Dues: CDN $378.55 (includes applicable taxes)

* A one-time fee that only applies when your complete application has been approved.

The Certification Process involves three steps:

- Eligibility/Application (min. 7 years education & experience)

- Online Test (open book, multiple-choice)

- Portfolio Presentation (virtual presentation of 6 projects to 3 senior practitioners)


Accessibility Statement

RGD Candidates are encouraged to regarding visual and hearing impairments, physical and mobility limitations, medical and mental health disorders as well as learning disabilities, so that we may work with you to equalize your RGD Certification Experience. Once self-identification of any issues occurs, we will work with you to develop an accommodation plan. Confidentiality is maintained within the parameters of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation.


Attend an Information Session to find out more about becoming a Certified RGD!


If you are unable to attend a live session, the presentation can be viewed here: 

Further details on the goals and objectives of the Exam are available in the Examination Brief, which may be downloaded here.



Beyond the tangible benefits of membership listed below, pursuing the RGD designation is primarily about making a personal commitment to professional development. Certified members receive the support of an organization that recognizes the value of professional experience and expertise. Becoming a Registered Graphic Designer means strengthening your commitment to the industry, enhancing your credibility and taking advantage of increased opportunities to speak for your industry and educate others about the value of design. 

  • Becoming a Registered Graphic Designer and using your designation signals to business and the public that graphic design is a true profession with defined standards and best practices that you and your professional peers adhere to.
  • Our industry is inundated with requests for free work and uneducated buyers who don't understand or value the design process. With the support of the Association, a professional, legislated body, RGDs stand united against harmful and unethical business practices.
  • RGDs are recognized across Canada and beyond as qualified professionals who have the right skills and experience for high-level industry positions.
  • RGDs receive exclusive opportunities to be showcased through the RGD website and beyond. By using the RGD logo and designation across professional platforms and promotional materials, you equate yourself with other certified professionals such as CAs and APRs.
  • RGD's free webinars cover a variety of professional development topics and are a great source of inspiration and information, providing opportunities to remain connected to the creative community. All are recorded and archived for viewing by Members at any time, from any computer.

  • RGD offers opportunities to connect with clients, either by inviting them to webinars or to attend  special client-focused sessions at the DesignThinkers Conference. Association one-pagers such as Why Hire an RGD? and What do Designers Charge? are also valuable resources to pass on to prospective clients and include in proposals.
  • Every November in Toronto, the DesignThinkers Conference attracts over 1,500 creative professionals from around the world to hear from a line-up of visionary speakers on the important trends, technologies and issues impacting creativity, communication and marketing. RGDs attend at significantly discounted rates. 

  • As a mentor, judging RGD's annual Student Awards or reviewing student portfolios, RGDs have exclusive opportunities to give back and help strengthen the graphic design community for the future. Every March, RGDs are invited to participate in Creative Directions, a career development conference for emerging designers.
  • Publications such as RGD's biannual National SurveyAccessibility Guidelines and Business Handbook provide relevant and up-to-date resources that strengthen the creative community.

    RGD also connects members with the expertise of individuals in specialized fields, providing opportunities to learn from other members in our community. 
  • RGD is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and a variety of Committees who meet virtually to consider how best to move the Association forward, benefit our members, increase respect for our profession and raise standards in our industry.