New Projects by RGD Members - May 2019
RGD Member Projects

Check out work by Kathleen Scott RGD, Weaymouth Creative, Underline Studio, Context Creative, Gravity Inc. and HM&E

Kathleen Scott RGD and the in-house design team at Bruce Power designed an identity for the newly formed Nuclear Innovation Institute.

Both a logo with the full name and an acronym version were requested. The colourful triangle mosaic symbolizes areas of expertise coming together to collaborate, while the arrows they create represent movement and free flow of ideas.



Jennifer Weaymouth RGD and the team at Weaymouth Creative created an editorial piece to promote Krug Studios through a collaboration with 99th Floor NYC.

Working with both teams, we recreated a private dinner event and art directed a series of food and lifestyle images – in an effort to break stereotypes and elevate the level of design in the burgeoning adult-use cannabis industry.



Claire Dawson RGD, Fidel Peña RGD and the team at Underline Studio were chosen to design and art direct an entirely new website for iAnthus.

iAnthus is a New York based cannabis investment firm with a valuable network of cannabis operations. The dynamic site sets the stage for what will undoubtedly be a transformative year for the company.



Lionel Gadoury RGD and the team at Context Creative developed a highly-visual experience, designed to museum-quality standards, for the ANIMALIA exhibit.

From horse-drawn streetcars to Glenn Gould's beloved dog, Nicky, the free, all-ages ANIMALIA exhibit at the Archives of Ontario celebrates the role animals have played in the lives of all Ontarians.



Emerald Lee RGD, Wendy Gray RGD and the team at Gravity Inc. designed the 2018 Annual Report for Toronto Foundation.
Toronto Foundation’s 2018 Annual Report revolves around the changing nature of philanthropy and adopting innovative models to make Toronto a better city. We unified their robust theme with dynamic typographic patterns as introduced on the cover and carried throughout the report. Kudos to our creatively open-minded clients!
Paul Haslip RGD and the team at HM&E collaborated with the Vector Institute’s AI taskforce to promote the Pan-Canadian AI strategy to investors with a new brandmark and a 24-page pitchbook.
Canada’s role in AI’s ascent as a key technology is well-known. Three Canadian AI hubs—the Toronto Region, Montreal and Edmonton—are the sites of historic breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. The new brandmark indelibly links Canada & AI. And, the pitchbook provides a convincing, authoritative and decidedly Canadian tone making the case for investment in AI in Canada.