Business Card by Una Lee
2012 RGD SoGood Winner – Una Lee
Una Lee: Designers have the power to create desire, and the kind of desire I want to create is for a better world. I do this by attempting to make visible what is often invisible – the work that our communities are already doing, the wisdom and power we possess – and to make the seemingly impossible appear inevitable and irresistible. 



Designed by Una Lee 



My card needed to communicate the transformative impact of what I do, and it needed to provide the sense of delight that people can expect from my work. Looking at/through the tagline, the world is altered by the hatching, which appears to be a pattern but on closer inspection is an organically shifting series of lines that convey the way I see change happening. My name and contact information are engraved and thus less visible in this change-making process. It’s more about what I do than who I am.





For-Profit Category 2012