Congo Awareness Poster by Audrey Chia
The purpose of this poster was to raise awareness of the civil strife that rages in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the atrocities that have and continue to take place. 



Creative Director / Designer: Audrey Chia 



The work covers the colonial reign of King Leopold in the 1800s, the current value of its natural resources, the plight of Congolese men and women, foreign investment groups that have exploited the land, as well as creative social justice responses. Thorough research was conducted by the designer to ensure historical, geographical and cultural accuracy. The result is a comprehensive overview of the country’s past, present, potential and people. Although the material contains minimal colour (only yellow and brown are used) to convey the sobering subject matter, the unexpected shape and folds of the piece invite the reader to explore the content. With detailed maps, captivating quotes and impactful photos, the overall tone conveys a sense of urgency and need for change. This piece was used to promote Congo Awareness Week at York University.


Designer-Driven Category 2012