Ensemble Branding by TAXI
2012 RGD SoGood Winner
INDEPCO is the largest network of micro-entrepreneurs in Haiti’s garment sector. Unlike much of its competition, INDEPCO pays fair wages and allows its labour force to work in their own workshops or from home. TAXI’s objective was to help grow the company beyond its borders in Haiti with fashion retailers worldwide. A secondary objective was to raise awareness of a unique business model in hopes of inspiring change throughout the industry.



Client: Brand Aid Project

Creative Director: Dave Watson

Art Director / Designer: Winnie Ma

Writer: Cole Rosenberg-Pach

Music and Sound: Grayson Matthews

Developer: Michael Balders

Interactive Production: Raj Dhillon

Photographer: Jim Tinios

Illustrators: Jon Krogh and Esther Sanchez



Along with a new design identity came a new name – Ensemble. The significance of the name is threefold: its origin is French, reflecting Haiti’s official language, it means “a set of clothes that harmonize,” and it connotes a group of people coming together for a common cause. To launch the rebranding, TAXI crafted a sales kit (video, poster and postcard) for use at fashion trade shows. TAXI also created a business card stamp as an alternative to expensive printed cards and a spray paint stencil to brand boxes, demonstrating that good design and communication can be achieved without costing a lot of money.


For-Profit Category 2012