Mexico Ciudad Futura Book by Blok Design
2012 RGD SoGood Winner
Mexico City exemplifies conditions that dominate megacities in developing countries: uncontrolled population growth, pollution, a lack of public space and infrastructure, and a diminishing water supply. Enter this bold plan to rejuvenate Mexico City through the rescue of the dry Texcoco lakebed, just 10 km from the city centre.



Creative Director: Vanessa Eckstein RGD

Designers: Vanessa Eckstein RGD and Patricia Kleeberg



Despite the project’s tremendous importance, there was a great deal of confusion and lack of understanding surrounding it. Blok distilled the project’s ambitious goals into an accessible, easy to grasp book with enough weight to give the reader a sense of the project’s enormous importance. The book is presented as though it were an x-ray of Mexico City, revealing all the layers that will be impacted by the plan. The information is laid out simply and clearly, drawing upon history, culture and society to paint the picture. In keeping with the project’s environmental goals, it is a completely green book printed on recyclable paper using vegetable inks. The book launch generated articles in over 15 major publications in one day, including four of the most important newspapers in Mexico, raising tremendous awareness for the project. The project’s founder has been invited to speak at prominent museums and universities in Mexico City, and the project is now on the political agenda of the government.


Designer-Driven Category 2012