Mozilla Webmakers Video Series by Smart Bubble Society Inc.
2012 RGD SoGood Winner
Mozilla Foundation’s Webmakers campaign seeks to have youth engage with the web as a new and crucial form of literacy.



Client: Mozilla Foundation

Creative Director: Jonathon Corbiere

Art Director: Suzanna Brusikiewicz

Principal Designers: James Tuer and Suzanna Brusikiewicz

Sound Designer: Allan Levy

Animators: Jonathon Corbiere and Tyler Sammy

Live Action: Trouble and Maker New Media Group

Live Action Producer: Peter Brusik



Smart Bubble Society created a series that accomplishes the foundation's goal with testimonials and interviews from various groups of ‘webmakers’ who inspire audiences to become webmakers themselves. These groups included filmmakers, kids and educators. Interview segments are fused with infographics to not only cover elements of the discussions, but display subtle nuances of online code (javascript, HTML, etc.) that established webmakers and web experts would recognize. In this way, the video series becomes accessible to audiences both new to the web, and already literate or established.




Non-Profit Category 2012