Not Myself Today Campaign by Blok Design
2012 RGD SoGood Winner
The subject of mental health is one that often provokes fear, anxiety and misunderstanding. This first initiative from Partners for Mental Health had an ambitious goal: to raise awareness for the need to improve mental health in Canada, and to gather pledges of support to send to the government, coinciding with the release of the country’s first mental health strategy. Blok needed to draw people into a conversation and inspire their support.



Client: Partners for Mental Health

Creative Director: Vanessa Eckstein RGD

Designers: Vanessa Eckstein RGD and Patricia Kleeberg

Writer: Marta Cutler 



The concept is based on a universal experience: all of us have days when we don’t feel like ourselves. This opened the door to convince people that paying attention to these feelings is part of looking after their mental health. To encourage dialogue and create impact, the identity of the campaign had to be bold yet personal and comfortable. Blok created a spectrum of Not Myself Today moods and corresponding colours that people could identify with, select and wear. These were used in communications on the street, online and in newspapers to drive people to a website where people could learn more and pledge their support. The final event in the month-long campaign was a day of action. It needed a high-impact installation to engage people, attract media and encourage pledges. The solution was a wall constructed out of mood pins strategically located in a heavily travelled intersection in downtown Toronto. The bold rainbow of colours drew people in, while the simple act of selecting their mood sparked dialogue, released stories and inspired hundreds of pledges of support. After the monthlong campaign, over 28,000 pledges were collected from across Canada.




Non-Profit Category 2012