Secrets of the Magic School Book by Monika Krupa
2012 RGD SoGood Awards
Despite our many inspiring and passionate elementary school teachers, the pressure to deliver curriculum leaves little room for exploration, genuine inquiry and creativity in the classroom. This project sought to help teachers address the issue by facilitating a design project with students. The outcome, a book titled Secrets of the Magic School, represents the potential of learning through design. It is the result of the dedication, energy and creativity of a group of four- to sixyear-olds. 



Designer: Monika Krupa, Master’s student at York University

Illustration, Art Direction and Conceptual Development by junior and senior kindergarten class at Pape Avenue Public School with instruction from Debbie Halls, Carol Anne Wien and Angela Norwood.



Throughout the book, children’s illustrations are laid over photographs of the school, bringing the spaces to life. The project fostered an environment where unique skills and talents were valued. The infinite ways to get involved meant that each child could build upon his or her strengths and contribute in meaningful ways. Additionally, each child received the necessary support, from both adults and peers, to take on independent challenges. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive. Educators, parents and, most importantly, the children have expressed gratitude, praise and encouragement. The final book was made available to children and their families to purchase online.




Designer-Driven Category 2012

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