Side by Side Conference Branding by Hagon Design
2012 RGD SoGood Awards
The purpose of this conference, organized by St. Joseph’s International Outreach Program, was not just to provide a forum for North American doctors to impart their knowledge. It was also an opportunity for cross-cultural learning in healthcare – for doctors to sit side-by-side and learn from each other’s experiences. In particular, it was vital to have the input of a delegation of doctors from Uganda so that this organization could augment its work in Africa. 



Client: St. Joseph’s International Outreach Program

Creative Director: Ben Hagon RGD

Designers: Lesley Drago and Joshua Emberlin

Project Manager: Tracey Schlosser 



The conference’s new name, Side by Side, evolved from this insight. The brand mark, an interconnected infinity loop, was designed to represent the importance of continued dialogue. To build out the Side by Side brand, Hagon Design created a system that is bold, graphic and simple. Strong typography and striking images create a credible, serious presence for the nonprofit conference. 


Non-Profit Category 2012