'To Be' Exhibition by Atanas Bozdarov
2012 RGD SoGood Winner
“To Be” is an exhibition that examined section 2(b) in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which includes: freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression and of the press. 



Designer: Atanas Bozdarov, Student at George Brown College

Instructor: Shelley Warsh RGD



At a time when freedom of expression is being challenged around the world, people need to know what their rights are and these pieces set out to address that. The design serves as an educational tool and a reminder of these rights, but also offers viewers ways to become active participants. The production focused on analog processes such as letterpress, and Styrofoam block prints on newspaper. Paint, ink, Styrofoam, paper and other material were all found and reused.


Designer-Driven Category 2012