Voice of Industry Website by Gil Martinez RGD
2012 RGD SoGood Winner
This project was born out of a belief that history can help us to see familiar institutions and practices from a fresh perspective. The aim is to explore a lesser-known period in history when workers questioned the newly emerging economic system. 



Client: Voice of Industry

Designer: Gil Martinez RGD



This website showcases a worker-run newspaper, which presented the moral vision of American working men and women in the 1840s, when corporations first began to dominate economic life. Workers writing in the Voice raised questions about the emerging economic order and also addressed social issues such as war, women’s rights, slavery and capital punishment. The website’s design draws people into this material, which is being made available for the first time and allows them to explore it organically. The large, rotating block quotes in the home page slideshow pique initial interest. The look and feel of the site references 1840s typography with humour and visual interest. The site has a heavily graphic signature while navigation and the text are as unobtrusive as possible. These design choices help bring the history to life



Non-Profit Category 2012