Women Lovin': A Sexual Health Guide for Queer Women by Jayme Spinks
This nationally distributed sex resource for queer women is a playful, cheeky take on the often dry information. It is one of few (if any) printed sexual health resources for queer women in Canada. 



Designer and Illustrator: Jayme Spinks

Project Management: Nav Bhatia for ACT (AIDS Committee of Toronto) & CATIE (Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information)



Since the resource is meant for a diverse range of people who self-identify in different ways, it was important not to alienate any specific group. As a result, the design focuses on objects rather than people, which allowed for bold colours and unique illustrations – a nice counterpoint to the very serious and dense content. The heart motif lent itself to embossment on the cover, and worked well as a recurring visual element throughout. The fun and unpretentious visual style was also an entranceway into subject matter that to some can be daunting, awkward or embarrassing


Non-Profit Category 2012