Youth-Led Community Organizing Reports by Una Lee
2012 RGD SoGood Winner
What is youth-led community organizing, and what does it look like? As this series of reports asserts, it begins with youth but its impact extends beyond. 



Client: Laidlaw Foundation

Designer: Una Lee 



The design envisions youth-led community organizing as a complex and kinetic force – a power that communities can tap into, support and cultivate for lasting and meaningful change. Initially intended to reach the Laidlaw Foundation’s existing and potential grantees, the reports have had surprising reach, circulating amongst non-youth organizations, public servants and academics who have been inspired to create similar reflection pieces for the work they are engaged in. The reports were printed on Cascades Rolland Opaque50 60lb text using a waterless printing process. Rolland Opaque50 is EcoLogo and FSC-certified and manufactured in Canada from 50% post-consumer recycled material from North American recycling programs by Cascades using biogas energy. Using paper manufactured by Cascades Fine Papers is a simple, concrete way to address concerns for the environment. 



Non-Profit Category 2012