Adobe Digital Index Report reveals tablet's rising popularity

More web traffic generated by tablets than smartphones according to recent Adobe Digital Index Report

According to the most recent Adobe Digital Index Report, the next year will see tablet devices generating more web traffic than smartphones.

Analyzing 23 billion visits to over 325 websites from around the world, the Adobe report examines how global website traffic and engagement differ across devices. The analysis reveals that consumers find browsing websites on tablets nearly as engaging as they do on personal computers (PCs). The findings indicate the power and influence of the newer device, which has the potential to surpass the smartphone in user popularity. While smartphone apps have become an increasingly important component of mobile strategies, companies must now consider the value of optimizing mobile web pages for the growing tablet demographic.  

Findings reveal that the share of website visits from tablets grew approximately 10 times faster than the rate for smartphones in the first two years after market introduction and grew more than 300 per cent in the last year. Despite the large number of site visits, it is relevant to note that consumers are still using PCs to visit websites three times as frequently as tablets.

As the emerging consumer device of choice, it is important for companies to devote attention to the tablet experience.

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