Aimee Wood RGD creates unified design for IDC 2012 Annual Report

Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) communicates local, national and international contexts with design for 2012 Annual Report from Aimee Wood R.G.D.

For the Interior Designers of Canada 2012 Annual Report, Aimee Wood R.G.D. was challenged to create a well-organized, visually dynamic print piece to work with an established written theme and a strong brand identity.

Designed for the 2012 Annual General meeting, 200 copies of the report were made available to IDC members attending the AGM which took place at this year's IIDEX Tradeshow.

The report's contents are organized to reflect local, national and international contexts. Building on the written theme, the design concept is also separated into three distinct sections, using strong colours and graphical elements to create visually dynamic pages.

“I think the biggest challenge was that the visuals really needed to speak to the written theme,” says Aimee. “It was important to create a visual balance within the report while treating each section slightly differently. With only 8 pages to work with, it was important to add different visual elements to keep the report interesting while maintaining a sense of balance and uniformity in the design.”

Aimee used colour, typography and a strong grid system to keep the report unified, incorporating event photos, charts and graphs to illustrate the written content and provide additional information about IDC and its members.

Another important design consideration was the use of language, as the report is printed in English on one side and French on the other. “It was important to create a design where everything fit nicely in both languages without seeing a big difference in type and chart sizes,” says Aimee.

“In the end, the client was extremely happy with the report. They felt it was consistent with their visual identity and standards and they enjoyed the representation of local, national and international segments as well as the visually dynamic look of the pages.”

The report is also available to view online at IDC’s website: