RGD seeks entries for Provisional Showcase 7
RGD's Provisional Committee invites Provisional RGD members to submit up to 3 examples of their work for the next issue of the email newsletter called P.S. (Provisional Showcase).


P.S. is sent quarterly following an issue of RGD Word and is distributed to over 8,000 subscribers, including 3,000 RGD professional and student members. The showcased work is also featured in a post on the RGD website.


Submission Criteria:
Only Provisional RGDs have the opportunity to be showcased. Please submit PDF files (4 MB max, 4 pages max) to provrgd@rgdontario.com with examples of your work with images, brief written rationale for the pieces (100 words each) and information about yourself (150 words max). Make sure to include full credits for all Creative Directors, Art Directors and other designers who worked on the project and be sure to identify your own role on the project. You may submit up to three projects.


Deadline for submissions for the seventh issue of P.S. is Friday, April 5.


This issue's submissions will be reviewed by one or more of the following professionals:


Each Prov. RGD will also receive an evaluation form for a minimum of one project completed by at least one of the above judges. (Depending on the number of entries.)


Here is a quote from a Provisional RGD who recently participated:

"The feedback I received from the judges is great. The judges picked up on a lot of decisions that I went back and forth with the client on. It shows me that I should be more confident about my design choices. It's also informative to know what aspects of the projects the judges wished they saw more of. This will help me when I update my online portfolio."


Please email files and/or questions to .


Image credit: Joel Derksen Prov. RGD, featured in P.S. 6