Wayward Arts Magazine takes bold new direction

Monthly graphic design magazine Wayward Arts incorporates new ideas for what a creative publication should look like, handing over full creative control to a selected design studio for each issue.


The most recent issue has been dreamt, designed and supported by Toronto-based Ove Brand | Design and explores the theme of “Sin vs Virtue.”


“We are thrilled to have collaborated on this amazing project," says Michel Viau RGD, Ove President & CEO. "The ‘Community’ theme gave us an opportunity to come together and reflect on such an important word. The creative possibilities are boundless from both the written words and visual expression - hence the challenge. We are grateful to Rich and Derek from Flash to provide the design community the freedom and chance to explore the possibilities of the medium - from content and design to final production."

With each new issue of Wayward Arts, the design firm involved has the opportunity to change the design, layout, colours, mood and even paper. The only constants are that Flash Reproductions will print and Unisource Canada will distribute.

“The team at Ove was very quick to throw their hat in the ring and take on the challenge even before we had fully formed the concept,” said Derek Emerson of Flash Reproductions. “As you flip the book, you explore man's darker side and examine the roots of our selfish and evil ways. As you move toward the centre of the magazine, things become more grey and it's not quite as easy to draw the line between good and evil.”



Focused on promoting homegrown talent, this year Wayward Arts transitioned away from its original model, which was an annual publication featuring work submitted by different artists. As interest grew, so did the possibilities, and Flash has re-launched the magazine as a monthly, with each issue as different as the last, with full creative control given to each of the firms selected to  participate.

The magazine is distributed free of charge through Unisource and Flash’s mailing lists. Copies can be obtained by request at waywardarts.ca/subscribe. The Ove issue is arriving in mailboxes this week and will also be available at upcoming RGD events. 

Flash Reproductions is one of RGD's Print Partners.