Virtual Portfolio Reviews connect emerging designers with creative directors in Canada and beyond
Portfolio Review
Virtual Reviews feature 3 emerging designers who each present 3-5 pieces of work and then receive direct, live feedback from our 3 reviewers.


In addition, all members of RGD have the opportunity to benefit from the reviews by attending the online event live. Students and recent grads who attend can apply the reviewers' advice and suggestions to help improve their own portfolios and presentation skills. Professional designers who attend can learn more about how to give constructive feedback and creative direction.


Participate in a review:

The next review session will be held on Wednesday, June 26 at 4:00pm (ET). The deadline to submit portfolio samples to be considered for this review is Wednesday, June 12.


Portfolio samples can be submitted as a PDF file emailed to


If you are an RGD interested in participating as a reviewer for this or a future event, email .


Most Recent Session:

On Thursday May 9, reviewers Adam Antoszek-Rallo RGD, Creative Director, Catalyst Workshop, (Toronto) Bob Hambly RGD, Creative Director, Hambly & Woolley, (Toronto) and Matteo Bologna, President, Mucca Design (New York) shared feedback with three graduating students to help improve their portfolios.


Feedback from Past Reviews:


"This was the first virtual portfolio review that I attended and I loved it! Highly constructive and a learning opportunity in each aspect - I am planning to attend each one of them.  Thank you for making it possible" - Irina Rendon Prov RGD

"Thank you very much for having me, it was very insightful. I've come away with critique that will help me to create a stronger portfolio, and that is great!" - Jacob Zaccaria Prov RGD

"I was glad to be a part of it. I think designers of all stripes would benefit from this program. The format worked great for this, I had no issues. The review offered me a chance to present my work to creative professionals and get critical feedback on my portfolio remotely, making it easier to fit into my work day. It's also a great way to see what fellow creatives are up to." - Faraz Ahmad Prov RGD

"The Virtual Portfolio Review has been an eye opening experience, and I enjoyed it very much. I received invaluable feedback on my portfolio, that has given me a real sense of the direction I need to work towards. This is a wonderful resource for designers, and I would definitely love to participate again." - Irina Braginsky Prov RGD