RGD Members benefit from referral incentives

Now is a great time to refer your design industry peers to join RGD. For referring new RGDs, members receive anywhere from 25% to 100% off their 2014 dues or DesignThinkers 2014 registration.


"The Member Referral benefit program is one of the best and little known RGD benefits," says VP of Membership Tina Mackenzie RGD. "Simply talking about the value of RGD and being a member can inspire other designers to take the exam and become members themselves. Our membership base increases and your membership dues decrease!"


How it works:

- Refer 1 new RGD, get 25% off dues or DesignThinkers.

- Refer 2 new RGDs, get 50% off dues or DesignThinkers.

- Refer 3 new RGDs, get 75% off dues or DesignThinkers.

- Refer 4 new RGDs, get 100% off dues or DesignThinkers.

* Provisional RGDs who make referrals as above receive the DesignThinkers discounts.


"When you refer someone you know to become an RGD member you are telling them that you admire their work, that they matter and that you feel RGD would be stronger with them as a member," says RGD board member and VP of Communications Bob Hambly RGD. "Years ago it happened to me and I was quite taken by the gesture."

If you have colleagues, employees or employers who might be interested in becoming RGDs, encourage them to go through the process now and make sure they list you as a reference.


Fellow board members also encourage members to take advantage of the referral incentives:


"This is a great opportunity to get your friends and colleagues involved with the RGD, which offers so many great benefits for members, with the added bonus of getting something back for yourself. This is a true win-win-win situation, for everybody involved" - VP of Ethics Stussy Tschudin RGD, Principal, Forge Media + Design


"We see the member referral benefit program as good business; not only does it save cost on membership dues and DesignThinkers for existing members, it also gets people thinking about design and sharing their experiences. Ultimately it inspires designers by encouraging them to reach out and become exposed to a larger design community" - Andrew Kuzyk RGD, Principal and Founding Partner, Entro 


Designers interested in finding out more about the process of becoming a member are invited to our next Info Session on Wednesday, January 15, which can be attended in Toronto or via webcast from anywhere in North America.


If you're applying to write the exam, consider joining RGD's Exam Study Group

For more information on becoming a member, visit www.rgdexamboard.com, or contact RGD's Director of Membership, Heidi Veri, by email at , or by phone at 1.888.274.3668 x 22.