Community-Based Design Education by Lyubava Fartushenko
Community-based design education has been introduced to most design programs in Canada, however those students who pursue design as their minor or only take introductory courses may be left uninitiated to the powerful ability of design to propose solutions to community issues. Lyubava Fartushenko addressed this through a series of experimental projects she ran with various design fundamentals students.



Designed by Lyubava Fartushenko


Collaborators: University of Alberta, Guru Digital Arts College, Mental Health Awareness Health Initiative, Campus Food Bank, Amnesty International



The Mental Awareness Health Initiative at the University of Alberta provided an opportunity for students to learn about bipolar disorders and mental illnesses; the University of Alberta Campus Food Bank collaboration introduced students to food security issues; work with Amnesty International’s University of Alberta Chapter enabled students to understand issues of human rights.





Designer-Drive Category 2013