'Finding Your Way' Identity & Communications by Helena Ng Design
This program was developed to provide practical advice on how people with dementia can safely stay active. 



Client: Alzheimer Society of Ontario

Creative Director and Designer: Helena Ng RGD

Creative Writer: Mary Secord

Project Director: Focus Communications Inc. (Canada)



To address Canada’s multicultural demographic, the design items are adapted to different languages with a simple, friendly logo that is free of any specific cultural references. In the logo concept, a leaf represents a person with dementia. The yellow and blue shapes (representing caregivers and the community) overlap to create a green leaf. The green leaf together with the green circle below form a shoe print. When the triad comes together, we are one step closer to safety. In addition to the logo, Helena designed stationery, advertising, a manual, a banner, a PowerPoint presentation and a website.




Non-Profit Category 2013