Gratitude Bag Campaign by Key Gordon
Food bank donations drop sharply outside of holiday seasons. After learning this, Grant volunteered to take a stab at finding a solution. 



Client: Daily Bread Food Bank

Creative Director: Grant Gordon

Designers: Colin Bergh, Monica Herrera, Melissa DeNobrega, Julia Troubetskaia

Copywriters: Rachel Bruner, Melissa Pang



This Toronto-based food drive was launched in May 2013 to generate ongoing surges of food bank donations. It introduces a simple drop-off and pick-up format to make the process as convenient as possible. Straightforward instructions and a friendly voice supported by graphic illustrations encourage residents to engage in the campaign. In its first run, Gratitude Bags raised over 2.5 metric tons of food and caused an overflow of non-perishable items at multiple donation drop-offs.


Designer-Driven Category 2013