Habitat for Humanity Canada 2011 Annual Report by Cossette
Marking the completion of the 2,000th Habitat for Humanity Canada home, Cossette approached this annual report with a spirit of reportage, gathering the very first Habitat Canada homeowners, longtime volunteers, donors, architects and affiliate staff to share their stories. 



Client: Habitat for Humanity Canada

Co-Chief Creative Officers: Matthew Litzinger and David Daga

Creative Director: Daniel Vendramin

Art Director: Greg LeBlanc

Designer: Eleni Alpous

Photographer: Ian McCausland




Cinematographers and photographers captured this intimate conversation at the Winnipeg Restore. What emerged was a memorable day of shared experiences about what it means to volunteer on a build, design a sustainable Habitat house and most special of all, live in a Habitat home. The experience of the lively roundtable discussion is captured in the composition of the layouts and the bold, minimalist typography, that seems to lift the anecdotes right off the page.





Non-Profit Category 2013