La Ligne Bleue Identity and Communications by Orangetango
La Ligne Bleue brings together arts and entertainment spaces located along the Montréal Metro’s blue line.



Client: La Ligne Bleue

Creative Director: Mario Mercier DGA

Art Director: Isabel Beaudry

Designers: Isabel Beaudry, Simon Roy 



Orangetango created a unifying identity for this cultural grouping to foster a feeling of belonging and encourage residents to get involved with the community. Through the accompanying website, people were able to share their favourite spots and engage in discussions with fellow residents.


Cascades Award Winner 

This project was created on CASCADES PAPER. The posters were printed on Rolland Enviro100, 50 lb. Text and the invitations, membership cards, and masques on Rolland Enviro100, 100 lb. Cover. Using paper manufactured by Cascades Fine Papers Group is a simple, concrete way to address concerns for the environment.





For-Profit Category 2013