RGD and Association Members help shape the future of design education in Ontario

This fall, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) will begin collecting input from the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, as well as other industry representatives and program coordinators to update the official graphic design program standards for the province.


RGD has been involved in meetings with creative industry leaders and the MTCU leading up to this review process. Last month, RGD Executive Director Hilary Ashworth presented to members of the Heads of Media and Design (HOMAD) at their meeting in Ottawa on the Association's education- and industry-related initiatives.


Nicole Simoneau, Project Officer for the CAAT Program Standards and Evaluation Unit of the MTCU, expressed her interest in the Association's programming and the value of RGD's perspective for the program standards review process. “We’re thrilled to connect with RGD and the work they do to stay involved with students at a grassroots level," she said. The Association will be able to shed light on issues and implications for the design industry and help identify key stakeholders to consult with throughout the review process. "We look forward to working together with RGD and members of the Association."


RGD’s involvement will continue throughout the consultation process, which will involve regional focus groups in the fall followed by email surveys in the winter and spring. The input gathered from industry representatives and college stakeholders, including faculty, program chairs, program advisory committee members, students and graduates, among others, will be used to draft the updated Program Standards in early summer of 2014. Publication of the updated program standards is expected for Fall of 2014. RGD Members will be notified when regional focus groups have been scheduled.


About OMTCU Program Standards

The most recent Graphic Design Program Standard was released in April of 2003, outlining the required learning outcomes for all graphic design programs in Ontario. The objective of the Program Standards Review is to maintain consistency for college programming across the province and ensure graduates have the necessary skills to succeed in the industry, providing public accountability for the quality and relevance of college programs.


Program standards are expressed as learning outcomes and divided into three categories: vocational standards, essential employability skills standard and general education standard. Together these elements outline the skills and knowledge that a student must demonstrate in order to graduate from a graphic design program in Ontario.


The MTCU regularly reviews these standards to ensure they remain appropriate and relevant to the needs of students and employers across Ontario.


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