Graduating Students are invited to become Provisional RGDs
To take advantage of student rates for DesignThinkers 2013, Student Members are reminded to renew, or if graduating this year, apply to for Provisional membership.


Whether you are a student, an emerging professional, or an established creative professional, there is a place for you in RGD:


Student Membership

Students enrolled full-time in any post-secondary program are eligible to apply online, and once approved, gain access to mentorship, webinars, portfolio review opportunities, our lowest event pricing, and our annual Student Awards.


Provisional Membership

If you have graduated from a post-secondary program but are not yet eligible to take the qualifying exam, you may apply for Provisional RGD membership. This entitles you to such benefits as the Provisional RGD designation, 2 free magazine subscriptions, and access to the The RGD Mentorship Program and the Virtual Review Program.


Affiliate Membership / Registered Graphic Designer

As an established creative professional, consider Affiliate membership or applying to take the RGD exam to become a fully-certified Registered Graphic Designer.




Student Membership expires at the end of August. Current non-automatic Student members are invited to renew memberships by completing another Student member application; if you are a 2013 graduate, apply for Provisional RGD membership and enjoy the student rate to DesignThinkers 2013!


Please contact RGD's Membership Coordinator, Christina Dahl, by phone at 1.888.274.3668 x 24, or by email at to find out more.