Help RGD raise our profile with business on LinkedIn
RGDs are encouraged to take advantage of LinkedIn as a vital resource for networking with business and design professionals.

Let your network know that you are part of the RGD Community and promote your value to clients, prospects, and industry professionals. Take a moment to update your profile and help build consistency to benefit the Association's online profile.


Guidelines for ALL RGD Members (including Student Members, Provisional RGDs, Affiliates and Registered Graphic Designers)


1. Follow RGD's LinkedIn Company Page


2. On your personal LinkedIn profile, under 'Organizations', list the following:

  • Organization: RGD - Association of Registered Graphic Designers
  • Position: Student Member, Provisional RGD, Affiliate Member or Registered Graphic Designer (as appropriate)


Guidelines for Certified RGD Members and Provisional RGDs ONLY:


3. Add 'RGD' or 'Provisional RGD' to your name as it appears on your LinkedIn profile

i.e. First Name: John, Last Name: Smith RGD

Name should appear: John Smith RGD or John Smith Provisional RGD

*to ensure consistency and help you connect with other RGD Members, please avoid the use of periods or commas when indicating your designation


Guidelines for certified RGD Members ONLY (members who have achieved the Registered Graphic Designer designation):


4. On your personal LinkedIn profile under 'Certifications' list the following:

  • Certification: RGD
  • Certification Authority: Examination Board for Registered Graphic Designers


Any questions regarding the above LinkedIn guidelines for RGD Members can be directed to .