Why is Peter Gabany an RGD?
President and Creative Director of Limelight Advertising & Design in Port Hope, Ontario highlights one of the reasons he is proud to be a member of the RGD community.



'Atilla the Hun and RGD'


Centuries apart brought together by a simple act of kindness. RGD is an association of design professionals – those that are members get it. There are so very many legitimate reasons to become part of this “unlike any other graphic design association on earth” organization. Education, new business, exposure, a crack administrative team who never cease to amaze; but there is a very basic plus to being a member of this association and its one of community.

There is a very real competitive nature in design and RGD is no different – for our members this chosen profession is their livelihood and people protect their turf. In spite of this, ‘community’ runs deep. And I dare say there is a plethora of respect from fellow members for anyone that meets or exceeds the bar set by the industry, by our peers, by clients, by RGD Members. But that’s not what I’m speaking about. It’s the Random Acts of Kindness one experiences being part of this group and I have had my share from members and staff over the 17 years of being part of this association.

So where does Attila fit in? Well I happen to have a fair amount of Hungarian blood running through my veins. Atilla and company, nomads and conquerors from Mongolia, moved across Asia and into Europe back in the 3rd century (or there about) and many settled (a rather kind account of what really happened) in the Carpathian Mountain region and along the Danube – Hungary to some.


A fellow RGD, off on one of her design ventures, happened to end up in the Gobi Desert, of all places – home to some rather famous and infamous Mongols including Atilla, and in all probability home to my ancestors. Laura Piché, who you may recall served on the Board of Directors for RGD for many years and a nomad in her own right, made this trip in her capacity as Manager, Global Marketing for the J.S. Redpath Company – a group of mining engineers and contractors.


Looking through Facebook one day I was surprised to learn that this Northern Ontario graphic designer was half way around the world. I made a simple comment – that she was a woman outstanding in her field (happened to be the Gobi) and a second off the cuff request, “bring me a bit of sand from the Gobi” – my supposed ancestral homeland.

Today a package arrived at the office. A blister pack envelope contained within, a couple of images – one of the Gobi and one of my faves – Laura, arms out stretched, Camels in the background – the “woman outstanding in her field” shot and two soil samples of Gobi Desert. I’m certain that Laura filled out the proper environmental protocols, had the supervision of an engineer to dig a bit of earth or simply emptied it out her boots, but regardless of how she did it, I am THRILLED (with a big smile on my face).

This association puts you in contact with wonderful people – people who have a true sense of caring, compassion, rich in craft and knowledge, people who are part of an ever-growing community. People who, for their daily jobs, have a lot of fun. But most of all, RGD has what is often lacking in this world – we have a community. If you are not as yet a member make RGD a simple career goal. If you are a member and have any doubts, get involved. And those that know what I’m talking about are probably already friends.


Thank you Laura – you ROCK (pun intended).




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