Why is Christine Kurys an RGD?

Principal at Creative Quotient in Stratford, Ontario shares how the Association has helped her give back to young designers. 


Joining RGD for me was always about investing in the future of design, for the next generation of designers. It was about being a part of an association that would elevate the industry, building a foundation of structure, policy and credibility for the next group of dark-clothed, earbud-wearing, bright-eyed-yet-sleep-deprived, social-media-addicted creatives.

Years ago I got involved in RGD's Mentorship program, which provided an opportunity to help a design student and it turned out to be an extremely rewarding experience. He had the chance to ask me questions about the industry and I got to show him a real design studio and the work that we were doing. We also met for coffee a few times to discuss design, and I provided him with some advice on his career. In this particular case we haven't kept in touch, but I hope that I had a positive impact on his design perspective, because the program definitely had a great influence on me. 


Acting as a mentor for RGD led to some important decisions for my own company. As my company grew, I made a conscious effort to help my employees grow with it, motivating them to learn and providing them with as much guidance and extra training as possible. Part of this was encouraging them to become RGD Members and take advantage of the Association's many benefits. I felt it was my responsibility to inspire my employees to grow in their careers, even if it meant they left for opportunities in larger companies. This has been the best and most gratifying part of my job - no surprise, it has led me to transition into teaching.


While RGD offers great support and programming for its members, what has meant the most for me is the connection to the design community and the opportunity to help emerging designers.

Supporting young designers—that’s why I’m RGD.



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