RGD announces winners of 2013 So(cial) Good Design Awards

The So(cial) Good Design Awards gives voice to the important work designers are doing and can do to change the way we think and act.


Judges David Berman RGD, author of Do Good Design: How Design Can Change our World; Frances Edmonds, Director of Environmental Programs at HP Canada; Ben Hagon RGD, Founder and President of Hagon Design; and Dmitri Siegel, VP of E-commerce & Executive Creative Director at Patagonia selected 42 winning projects from 190 entries submitted from 7 countries.


The projects listed below effectively promote action in support of social change with originality, creativity and the use of sophisticated design concepts. Winners will be featured in a printed catalog and free iPad app and will be recognized at the 2013 DesignThinkers conference




Not-For-Profit Client-Initiated Projects:

Cossette (Canada): Habitat for Humanity 2011 Annual Report

On The Chase! (Canada): 'What is Social Innovation?'

Aveda (Canada): 'iWalkForWater'

Lyubava Fartushenko, Student, University of Alberta (Canada): 'Community-Based Design Education'

Anita Feng, Student, UQAM (Canada): 'Fukushima'

Faren Agency (Canada): 'Heading Home? Must be nice. Campaign for Tokens4Change for Youth Without Shelter'

Hambly & Woolley (Canada): 'Participaction's Bring Back Play Mobile App'

smashLAB (Canada): 'The Vancouver Aquarium Website'

Dalida Karić-Hadžiahmetović: 'Woman Is Not An Object'

Orangetango (Canada): 'Dr. Julien Foundation 2012 Fundraising'

Tamm + Kit (Canada): 'Global Development Volunteer Campaign'

K10 art+design (Canada): 'The Defi Canderel Event 2012/13 Fundraising Campaign'

Helena Ng Design (Canada): 'Alzheimer Society of Ontario - Finding Your Way Program Campaign Design Series'

Juniper Park (Canada): 'Story Planet: Intergalactic Travel Authority'

AIDS Committee of Toronto (Canada): 'My Sex Life: Info for Young Pox People'

Riordon Design (Canada): 'Street Level Website'

SQUAB Creative Studio (Canada):'The Professional's Guide To Becoming a Champion'


For Profit Client-Initiated Projects:

Projektor (Canada): 'Switchback Cyclery Brand Identity'

ALSO Collective (Canada): 'Urban Ecologies Conference 2013'

Orangetango (Canada): 'Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation: Detecting Changes'

Orangetango (Canada): 'La Ligne Bieue - Branding Promotion and Web'

Russell Shaw (USA): 'Skylight Farm'

Corktown Seed Co. (Canada): 'Canada's Land Watch'


Designer Initiated Projects:

Chantal Abdel-Nour, Student, Cambrian College (Canada): 'Smart Little Seeds'

Jessica Baratta, Student, York University (Canada): 'A Cup of Reality'

Jillian Ditner, Student, York University (Canada): 'Visualizing Bird Migration'

Jillian Ditner, Student, York University (Canada): 'Seed Saving Info Wheel'

Key Gordon (Canada): 'Gratitude Bag'

Heather Goulter, Student, York University (Canada): 'Drink. Drive.'

Marissa Korda, Student, York University (Canada): 'Teens Need Better Sex Ed'

Linda Nakanishi, (Canada): Japan Earthquake Poster'

Design Can Do (USA): 'Design Can Do'

Kaitlyn Pannunzio, Student, York University (Canada): 'Flat Packed Sustainable Birdhouse'

Alison Rowan, Student, OCAD (Canada): 'Buy a Dictionary'

Kyuha Shim, Student, RISD (USA): 'Google 8bit AQI'

Agnieska Ziemiszewski, PhD Student, Academy of Fine Arts (Poland) 'Nothing Personal'


Government Initiated Projects:

Catalyst Workshop (Canada): 'MNR Endangered Species of the Day Widget'

City of Mississauga (Canada): 'Monster Fitness Circuit'

Acart Communications (Canada): 'Personal Space'



For more information on the So(cial) Good Design Awards, visit www.rgdontario.com/sogood/