Why is Chris Asimoudis an RGD?
President of Radar Concept & Design Inc. in Ancaster Ontario explains how RGD events keep him motivated and inspired, helping him avoid 'creative cruise control'. 


For an independent designer, RGD provides a balanced perspective, a strong support system and a link to the larger design community. 


Given the transformative nature of our industry, it can be easy to slip into a sort of self-imposed creative cruise control that keeps us from progressing. RGD offers that extra jolt by exposing me to many inspirational resources that help me stay focused, current and relevant such as discussions, webinars, and other professional development events.


One source of inspiration that I look forward to each year is the HeadStart Conference (now called Creative Directions). It's a great opportunity to be inspired by excellent young talent and to provide helpful input for the next generation of designers. Being a part of the community and connecting with individuals about to enter the industry is, for me, much more inspirational and engaging than just flipping through a design annual.  


As designers, we need to be true to our profession and protect the value of our work. In the areas of spec work and internships, RGD is also an important voice in helping to promote and protect the integrity of the profession from subtle (and not-so-subtle) forms of exploitation. 


The RGD designation is an integral part of who I am, and I feel privileged to be a part of the Association. 


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