Why is Tracey Watt an RGD?
Principal of RAVE! Design Inc. in Tottenham, Tracey Watt explains how RGD keeps her connected to the design community as a sole proprietor.


In 2014, I will have had my business, Rave! Design, for 15 years. Time flies and I can’t even believe it has been that long.

I choose to run my business as a sole proprietorship, and as such, am able to enjoy the luxury of working from my home, on a small hobby farm with horses, just north of Toronto. I relish the flexibility I have from working this way and feel incredibly fortunate. No commuting, no horrible traffic, no wasted hours spent on a train, just fresh air, gorgeous scenery and a fantastic work-life balance.



For over 15 years, I have also enjoyed the many benefits of being an RGD Member. RGD is useful for my business as a sole proprietorship, helping me stay connected through the RGD LinkedIn group. I can read other designers perspectives on all kinds of topics, and post questions if I ever need advice.



I have attended many of the evening and day-long seminars over the years and am always glad that I did. The annual DesignThinkers Conference is particularly great for inspiration, rejuvenation and networking.


I also frequently attend the webinars that RGD puts on and enjoy the huge variety of relevant topics covered. These presentations help me to stay in stride with the industry and the convenience of being able to listen in for one hour from the comfort of my home/office is perfect for my work situation.

I have even landed clients through RFPs posted in the Members Only section of the RGD website, which I would not otherwise have known about. For all of this, I am truly grateful.

As a sole proprietor, I get to enjoy the perks of working from home, but I'm also able to stay connected to the industry and other designers, with a huge leg up from the RGD.