Creatives connect from across North America to share brand identity insights at Future by Design
On September 24, Creative Directors from New York, Vancouver and Toronto connected via webcast for a live broadcast of RGD's latest Future by Design panel. 


Juniper Park's Barry Quinn RGD, Projektor's John Furneaux RGD and Concrete's John Pylypczak presented to an audience of over 100 live at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto and were joined by Rethink's Ian Grais and SVA's Michael Walsh via webcam from their offices in Vancouver and New York. The presentation was also webcast live to 9 satellite venues across Canada and to interested RGD members. 


Beginning with an overview of four factors shaping identity design from John Furneaux, panelists shared case study presentations of identity rebrands for Shaw (Rethink), IFEX (Juniper Park), the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and Mountain Equipment Co-op (Concrete). After a short break, representatives from satellite venues joined us via webcam to ask questions and contribute to a lively discussion with panelists. 


Top 11 Identity Design Insights from Future By Design

  1. "Our best clients are always our most confident clients." - John Pylypczak
  2. "Communication is like an engine with many cylinders, logo design is just one of them" -Ian Grais

  3. "Don't design monuments; design organisms." - Barry Quinn RGD
  4. "A logo should be a series of parts that can be unpacked and put back together as needed." - John Furneaux RGD
  5. "Work as fast as you can, get as many applications figured out as possible; the rules will take care of themselves." - Ian Grais
  6. "There's no such thing as brands that don't change. You have to change just to stay the same." - Barry Quinn RGD
  7. "We need to understand how users want to consume an identity." - John Furneaux RGD
  8. "The web is like the Wild West - it's a place to float new ideas and try to get traction on your designs." - Michael Walsh 
  9. "People want to play with logos - they want to download it, change it, morph it." - John Furneaux RGD
  10. "The rebrand process is fast and loose - we put together as many directions as possible." - Ian Grais
  11. "Perfectly crafted or inherently social. The question is what's more powerful?" - Barry Quinn RGD 



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