60 Pages. 40 Contributors. 30 Days. Exploring The Future of Work with The Bauhub's Wayward Arts Issue #9
The Bauhub, a Toronto-based, internationally-distributed collective of marketing pros, has recently produced a collaborative project on 'The Future of Work' for Issue #9 of Wayward Arts


In response to a message that went out to all 300 members of The Bauhub, 40+ members volunteered to contribute their time and thinking to the project. A dozen teams were formed and, over the course of a single month, the 60-page publication came to life.



With contributors from all around the world, Skype-cast meetings were set up at a central Toronto location. Those who could get there showed up in person; others took part via web-cam.


“When we learned that Wayward Arts had chosen the idea of ‘Community’ as the focus for 2013, we were immediately excited and felt this was a topic that our collective’s teams could really engage with,” offered Scott Morrison RGD, CEO and founder of The Bauhub.



The “teams” Scott refers to included writers, strategists, designers, art directors, animators, social media experts, photographers and illustrators. Each team, armed with a suggested topic, was free to find any way they wished to communicate their perspectives and insights.



“We created a framework of 12 topics that we felt would connect all areas of work: past, present and future. From there we formed diverse teams of mixed skills and personalities. The teams were then left to their own devices, with gentle guidance from me and Brad Myers (co-editor on the issue), to create their own content, design and the final elements needed for the layout. The project was completed in 30 days with two in-person brainstorming sessions involving all 12 teams. Each group contributed four pages to the final product and it comes together to present our collective’s views on the future of work,” Scott continued.



For this issue, using a variable printing process, each one of the 3500 issues printed has a unique colour treatment applied to the cover – a process the team has named “Dotomation”. No two covers are the same.



“The technology-driven collaboration that allowed 40 busy people to create this work so quickly is, itself, a great example of the future of work and is really what the book is about,” continued Scott. “It is truly amazing how much the way we work has changed and it will only become more interesting in the future.”



Issue 9 of Wayward Arts is being distributed to the Flash Reproductions mailing list (including more than a few RGD members) and to that of The Bauhub and its members. If you’d like a copy to call your own, or want to find out more about The Bauhub, please contact Scott Morrison RGD at . Or, check out the amazing Wayward Arts Issue #9 online at waywardarts.thebauhub.com.


About Wayward Arts
Wayward Arts is a monthly publication printed by Flash Reproductions, with paper provided by Unisource Canada in conjunction with their mill suppliers. A different design firm is invited to curate each issue, changing the design, layout, colours, mood and paper to reflect their interpretation of the year’s over-arching theme.


Copies can be obtained by request at waywardarts.ca/subscribe.

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