Adobe previews Mighty, Napoleon and Project Context at DesignThinkers 2013

Delegates at last week’s DesignThinkers conference received a sneak peek into three exciting new products from Adobe in a keynote presentation from the company’s VP of Experience Design, Michael Gough. 


In addition to developments in drawing, formatting and project management, Michael’s presentation included many insights into the creative process: the potential for imagining possible futures, how to make sense out of massive amounts of content and, most importantly, the fact that ‘there is always a budget for glitter’. 


After sharing some basic truths about creative motivations and the creative working process, Michael demonstrated the capabilities of new cloud pen ‘Mighty’ and digital ruler ‘Napoleon’. To illustrate the significance of these tools, Michael emphasized Adobe’s appreciation for the process of drawing.


“Drawing is fundamental to the creative process – we can actually visualize the future, making the imagination tangible.”


As Michael explained, Mighty and Napoleon are designed to facilitate ‘making’ and put creatives in a better position to experiment and develop their ideas, making digital creativity more accessible and natural.


For more on the development of Mighty and Napoleon, click here.


Project Context is another new concept from Adobe designed to revolutionize the creative collaboration process, re-imagining the editing room and introducing exciting new methods of organizing, categorizing and understanding information. For more on Project Context, click here.


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