Over 1,500 creatives gather for two days of inspiration, innovation and interaction at DesignThinkers 2013
The 14th Annual DesignThinkers Conference took place last week, bringing together design, advertising and business professionals from around the world to discuss the latest industry trends, strategies, interactions and inspirations influencing the future of creative work. 

For more than a decade, the Association of Registered Graphic Designers has hosted the annual DesignThinkers Conference, uniting innovators in a journey into the processes of design and creativity. If we let it, design can transform business and society, but we must be open to our own reflections and the reflections of others. 


Thank you to our Design Partner for this year's conference Orangetango, particularly Mario Mercier, Élise Cropsal, Nicolas Boissy, Yanick Giroux, François Genois and Marie-Andrée Poirier. And thank you to our Partners for the event, Adobe, Anstey, Cascades Fine Papers, DesignEdge Canada, Moveable, Porter, Somerset, Supremex, and The Pixel Shop


We greatly appreciate the support of all our Sponsors


Quotable Moments from our Speakers:

“Every person on the planet, has the potential to improve their creativity – it’s a trait we’re born with” - Christopher Chapman

"There is an unprecedented opportunity for design in Canada. The world is looking to us for leadership" - David Berman RGD

"Print is not dying - it's in rehab" - Darhil Crooks

"Clients hire you because they trust you. It's not about the work or the price. It's the relationship" - Emily Cohen

“We’re exposed to much more than we think, the trick for the future is the ability to access the information we need” - Alex Trochut

“When it comes to archaeology, you need to rely on the data you have and accept the limits of source material” - Nicholas Felton

“Design can bring social value & business value together, focusing on simpler needs & leveraging resources from both sides”” - Robert Fabricant

"We are all born creative -- unfortunately it gets trained out of most of us at an early age. We imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to celebrate their unique creative gifts" –  Michael Gough

“Design is constantly reinventing itself –as industry professionals, we have to reinvent ourselves to adapt & keep up” - Jenn & Ken Visocky O'Grady

"Don't be good. Don't be best. Be better." - riCardo Crespo

"Typography tells a story." - Cyrus Highsmith

“Life isn’t about experience, it’s about participation, engagement – we’re building an engagement-driven economy” - Bruce Nussbaum

"Creativity is all about team work and creating an environment to keep passion flowing to allow groups to innovate together" - Shawn Petersen

"It's better to be loved by a small group than liked by a large group of people. Hate is part of the love equation." - Austin McGhie

“If you want respect from the client, you have to know the product. Earning respect isn’t enough, you have to demand it.” - Peter Mendelsund

"Don't be afraid of colour. Be careful, but don't be afraid." - Morag Myerscough 

"Getting from olive to opera - it's about how you make ideas connect, how you create transitions that are memorable" - Karin Fong


Twitter Highlights

@roreyporey: Great morning at design thinkers so far, well organized and a great variety of speakers. Bring it on #rgdDT

@TonyJurgilas: Day 2 of breaking rules, sharing vision, and inspiring positive change. Bring it on #rgdDT!

@AntoniaGoga: Design Thinkers gets better and better every year. Thank you @RGD for organizing. So inspiring. Can't wait for next year! #rgdDT

@HoneyLondon: @RGD Great people. Fantastic event. Amazing speakers! Untold inspiration. Can't wait till 2014! #rgdDT #seeyouthere


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Recordings of DT 2013 presentations are being gradually released on RGD's Vimeo page, available to RGD Members only. Login to the site as a Member for password information.