Share your creative vision for RGD with a design for RGD's 2014 Membership Sticker
RGD is looking for a RGD member to design our 2014 RGD Membership Sticker pro bono.


Beginning in 2013 with a design from Mondor Design Associates, RGD launched a new program whereby members receive specially designed stickers to add to their RGD certificates and membership cards each year, acknowledging an annual commitment to professional standards, best practices and ethical conduct in our industry. 


"The new RGD Membership Stickers are a great way to showcase the work of the talented members that define our association," says VP of Communications Bob Hambly RGD. "What a feather in one's cap to say you contributed."


We need your help

This is a great opportunity for small firms and individual designers to share their creative vision with the larger design community in Canada and contribute to RGD. Your work could be part of the future history of the Association and would be featured on certificates and membership cards across Canada. The selected sticker designer also receives two free registrations to attend DesignThinkers 2014. 


Many design firms have contributed creative work to RGD's programming and initiatives over the years. For a full list of past design sponsors, visit



To be selected as the designer for RGD's 2014 Membership Sticker:

  • You must have completed the process to become a full Registered Graphic Designer (Student, Provisional and Affiliate members are not eligible) 
  • You must have filled out a profile for RGD's online Designer Directory (including uploading a minimum of 3 samples of work) OR Must send a PDF containing your work samples to .  


If you're interested

To be considered to design the 2014 RGD Membership Sticker, select '2014 sticker design' on the form here


Deadline to express interest: December 6th 


If you're selected

  • The Communications Committee will select the 2014 sticker designer on December 11th after reviewing the profiles of interested members and will contact the individual with a creative brief for the project
  • You will be asked to design three concepts to be submitted to the committee by January 6th


Any questions can be directed to