Case Study: Mobile-friendly website from Crescent showcases talent of Canada's independent musicians

Case Study by Kenn Waplington RGD, Creative Director at Crescent 

SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) sought a revitalized look and an improved voting system for their annual SOCAN Songwriting Prize / Prix de la chanson website, Canada’s most prestigious award for independent music creators. The design refinement and development period was two months with a targeted completion date of May 1st, allowing the month of May for promotion and pre-buzz with the voting to begin June 3 (approximately one month of voting after that). Crescent was recommended for this project by another client. 



All members of the Canadian songwriters community, including composers, authors, and music publishers. The SOCAN Songwriting Prize honours the best independent music created by Canadian songwriters - it required a website that would resonate with music industry professionals and emerging musicians. 


Concept / Design Process

The goal of this project was to design and develop a new look and feel to refresh the contest's existing website. This process included the development of a new logo, new branding and significant improvements to the “front-end” of the site to make it more engaging and user-friendly. These elements needed to work together to position the Songwriting Prize as a premiere award and a unique experience.  


Compared to the 2012 website, the new site follows the same basic structure but introduces key updates and improvements on existing features. We felt the site needed a unique and edgy look in keeping with today’s music trends. A strong black, white and red colour scheme combined with a natural background and grunge-style typography established the right style and tone.



SOCAN's involvement throughout the design and development process helped provide necessary feedback to transition the site through many different stages to achieve the desired result. 



The new website is mobile friendly, highly socially integrated, and available in both French and English. The SOCAN team agreed that it was Crescent’s “design-first” approach that led to the compelling branding and unique look which resonated with target audiences. “The Crescent team was professional and accountable, actively providing updates and progress reports, and ultimately delivered the project on-time, on-budget and on-target.” 


Client Takeaway

“We approached Crescent Group and were impressed immediately with their enthusiasm and professionalism. The Crescent team immediately sunk their teeth into the project, and their engagement and interest in the subject matter was evident from the start and has sustained ever since" - Andrew Berthoff, Vice PResident of Communications and Marketing for SOCAN 


Designer Takeaway 

“We really focused on user experience,” says Geordie Allen, CEO of Crescent. “The new website showcases the artists and their work, including an ever-present built-in music player at the footer of the site, which highlights the most important element of SOCAN—the music!”