PictograficSystems: Nonverbal. Universal.
Developed by Paul Arthur and Branimir Zlamalik RGD, PictograficSystems© contains more than 600 pictograms, which make up possibly the largest resource for coordinated graphics symbols in the world. In this second edition of PictograficSystems: Nonverbal. Universal., most of the pictographs are revised, and the collection includes 99 new ones.



In addition to an introduction exploring the role of pictographs and their design, the book includes seven pictograph collections: 

  1. Pictographs common to all functions
  2. Pictographs for base building
  3. Pictographs for commercial and retail establishments
  4. Pictographs for sporting events and recreation
  5. Pictographs for health care facilities
  6. Pictographs for transportation, travellers and those in transit
  7. Pictographs for safety in the workplace



PictograficSystems: Nonverbal. Universal. is self-publishing project and is currently available from Blurb at http://www.blurb.ca/b/4910370-pictograficsystems.