Monotype shares their 'Top 10 Fonts of 2013'
The best selling fonts tend to make for a pretty boring list. The very best sellers are the ones that everyone seems to have – and use. The list starts with Neue Helvetica, moves on to Univers, Avenir, Frutiger and a bevy of the “usual suspects” of sans serif typefaces until the first serif design shows up around number 25 or 26. If you look at the top new designs – well, that’s something entirely different.


Oh sure, there are still a lot of sans serifs in the mix – but there are also scripts, rounded serif designs, sophisticated book faces, rough-and-tumble slab serifs and even a few that defy classification. Here are just a few of the new best sellers for 2013.


The Agmena typeface family, from Jovica Veljovic, is a fine melding of digital technology and beautifully crafted Renaissance fonts. Not based on any single typeface, it incorporates the best qualities of early Roman designs, interpreting them as remarkably powerful OpenType fonts.


The Bree collection enjoys a decidedly cheerful personality. A release from TypeTogether, its unique letterforms, like the lowercase g and l, provide additional distinction to Bree’s existing functionality as a legible design.


Fan Script
Inspired by sports team lettering and logos, Fan Script is an attractive and lively design from Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos. Despite its thick stokes, the face retains not only an elegant fluidness, but great legibility as well. 


An exuberant and exceptionally well-crafted script, Laura Worthington’s Gioviale provides a vast array of swashes, ligatures and ornaments for expressive compositions. 
The family can be an excellent choice for headlines and advertising, as well as other publication design projects.


Levato can be an excellent choice for a wide range of typographic applications but Felix Bonge, its designer, is quick to note that he drew the typeface primarily for setting display copy. “Levato is a headline face, and its name refers to the font’s intended position at the top of the page. The name “Levato” stems from both the Spanish elevado (high) and the English word elevated.


Metro Nova
The development of the Metro typeface began as a “design dare.” First released in 1929, Metro was the wildly popular result of a challenge to create a new, versatile and distinctive sans serif typeface for Linotype typesetters. Over 80 years later, Toshi Omagari welcomed the opportunity to update this seminal design for digital imaging. The new typeface, Metro Nova, builds on the foundation of the original Metro, preparing it perfectly for today’s taste and technology.


Neue Haas Grotesk
It’s been said that a simple sans serif is one of the most difficult typefaces to design. This is because when letters are reduced to their most basic details, irregularities and inconsistencies in design become immediately visible. The Neue Haas Grotesk typeface family, recently revived by Christian Schwartz, as a suite of digital fonts, is a quintessential example of letterforms distilled to their essence while still possessing warmth and verve.


The RidemyBike collection from Latinotype is a stylish family featuring condensed, hand-drawn letterforms. With OpenType versions available featuring more than 600 glyphs, the font, created by Guisela Mendoza, is filled with alternate characters and ligatures to add character and panache to projects.


Rooney, from Jan Fromm, is a family with a warm and friendly feel. Its rounded serifs and terminals create a strong impression in large headlines, while running text becomes soft and sympathetic.

A structural slab serif design, CastleType’s Warrior is not simply well built, but possesses an air of attractive utility. Designed by Jason Castle, Warrior is available in 10 styles, from a wiry light, to the robust Warrior Solid. The various members of the Warrior family can also be combined to achieve engaging typographic layering.




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