2014 Student Awards Call For Entries
This year, RGD will present $17,000 in cash awards in all areas of communication design to student work selected by our panel of industry experts. Deadline is May 9th, 2014.


Enter the RGD Student Awards to win cash prizes and have your work profiled in a printed piece sent with Designedge Magazine! RGD asks for submissions of your best work submitted as pdfs online. There is no entry fee; no original work need be created; and there are no costs to put a submission together! To date, RGD has distributed more than $222,000 in cash awards to students in recognition of their outstanding design achievements and to encourage excellence in our field.


This year, RGD presents $14,000 in cash awards in all areas of communication design. To enter, submit your three best pieces. Students across Canada are eligible for six $1,000 awards of specialty. Students in Ontario are also eligible for one of two $1,000 Awards of Excellence in their region. (A Student may win up to $2,000 in cash awards in a given year.)


There is no entry fee but you must be a Student Member of RGD or SDGQ to enter. We invite post-secondary students from across Canada to find about becoming Student Members here.


View last year's Student Award-winners here.


9 AWARDS OF SPECIALTY ($1,000 each)

- Bell Media Award for Motion Graphics

- Entro Award for Placemaking Design

- Forge Award for Information Design

- Harlequin Award for Print Design

- Milestone Integrated Award for Digital Marketing Design

- Normative Award for Web Design

- Parcel Award for Typography

- q30 design Award for Brand Design

- Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging


8 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE ($1,000 each)

50 Carleton Award for Northern Ontario

Bureau Award for Northern Ontario

Cineplex Digital Solutions Award for Western Ontario

Cinnamon Toast Award for Eastern Ontario

Cundari Award for Greater Toronto Area

Empire Life Award for Eastern Ontario

Quarry Communications Award for Western Ontario

Tamm + Kit Award for Greater Toronto Area


RGD (and SDGQ) Student Members graduating between April 1, 2014 and October 1, 2015, are eligible to enter. Any student enrolled in a post-secondary program in Canada is eligible for RGD Student Membership.


Students must fill out an online entry form and upload 1-3 PROJECTS in pdf format. (To be eligible for an Award of Excellence, you MUST submit 3 projects. For Awards of Specialty, one project is fine). Your PDFs must include a brief PROJECT RATIONALE.


DEADLINE: May 9th, 2014


  • Submit a PDF file with up to 6 pages
  • Screen resolution PDF no larger than 10MB, keeping in mind judges must be able to zoom into the PDF on screen to read small type and review fine detail
  • All pages must contain your full name, school and entry category
  • Saved as: Category_FirstInitialLastname.pdf (ie. InteractiveDesign_JBrown.pdf)
  • Contain screenshots and/or detail(s) of entry
  • Page minimum dimensions 8.5” x 11”, landscape or portrait formats
  • Page maximum dimensions 11” x 17”, landscape or portrait formats

PROJECT RATIONALE (part of the judges' evaluation)

  • Is there a client and/or target audience? If so, describe how the project is relevant to them. (max. 100 words)
  • What were the primary objectives of the project and how were these met? (max. 100 words)
  • List of all appropriate credits for the project including use of existing logo design, use of stock images, group work, etc.

URL (in case project is hosted online)
Please upload projects that are not hosted online at: https://us1-1.hostedftp.com/~rgdontario/

Please view the samples below (these examples do not include all categories).

Step 1: Fill out the online entry form
Step 2: Upload your digital files at RGD's ftp site (https://ftp.hostedftp.com/~rgdontario/)


Email  or call 1.888.274.3668 x 27 if you have any questions


Award-winning creative professionals from across Canada will select the winning work. Students are eligible to win up to two Awards.


RGD will notify winners by email in July. Winners will be required to submit proof of their continued membership or affiliation with RGD for the coming year to claim their award.



For more information about the RGD Student Awards, visit http://www.rgd.ca/events-and-programs/student-program/student-awards.php


Image credit: Design & Illustration: AmoebaCorp.