Unisource recognizes achievement in design and printing with inaugural Uvu National Awards

Flash Reproductions and C.J. Graphics received top honours at Unisource Canada's Design and Print Excellence Awards, celebrated last week in downtown Toronto. The awards recognize exceptional printed pieces submitted from across Canada. 


"It was a great opportunity to be part of the judging team for this year's Awards," says Stussy Tschudin RGD of Forge Media + Design in Toronto. "Going into the judging, I didn't realize how tough it would be to select the winners. There were a few outstanding entries which were selected for the final round of judging easily, but the level of the design was of such a high standard, that it was really challenging to narrow down the winning entries. In my choices, I tried to focus on strong typography, good use of white space and the concept behind the project. My overall takeaway was that there is a lot of great design work produced in Canada and that I feel fortunate to be part of that community."


Other members of the judging team included Sharie Hunter of Western Sky Creative in Calgary, Vida Jurcic of Hangar 18 Creative Group in Vancouver, Fidel Pena RGD of Underline Studio in Toronto and Tara Shaughnessy of McGill University in Montreal. 


The two Awards of Excellence went to Flash Reproductions for the We Are Tonic project with Blok Design and C.J. Graphics for Marimekko, With Love with creative from Concrete Design Communications


"It was a wonderful surprise to be recognized at the Unisource Awards, along with David Gallant from Flash, for the project We Are Tonic It's particularly rewarding given that we were working against a tremendously tight deadline to deliver the identity in time for their launch," says Vanessa Eckstein RGD of Blok Design. "It's a pleasure to have this kind of event from Unisource Canada, a company that is clearly so committed to supporting the industry."


Two other projects produced by Flash also received Judges Choice Awards: Block Magazine with design firm Whitman Emorson, and We Did It Again with design by TMX Equicom. Somerset Graphics was also recognized with a Judges Choice Award for the project, Protesta by Soapbox Design Communications. 


Other winners were recognized with awards in the following categories: 


Annual Reports

Somerset Graphics for GTAA, design by Jim Ryce Design & Direction

Hemlock Printers for Canfor Corporation, design by Graphically Speaking


Brand Identity

Flash Reproductions for Jeff Ho Photography, design by Cinderbloc

Colour Time Printing and Digital Imaging for St. Bernadine Stationery

Somerset Graphics for Genesis XD Stationery, design by Genesis XD



MET Fine Printers for In the Hands of God, design by Frog Design

C.J. Graphics for re:porter, design by Winkreative


Catalogues and Books

Moveable for 85, design by Robert Majzels

Andora Graphics for Sorel Etrog: Five Decades, design by Lauren Wickware

Andora Graphics for School of Design at George Brown College

Kallen Printing for BON À TIRER, design by Hartman Design Studio 



Andora Graphics for Paul Reddick: Wish Bone, design by Underline Studio

Flash Reproductions for Polyester Self Promo Boxes, design by Polyester Studio


Self Promotion

DT Print Solutions for WATT Retail, design by WATT International

Flash Reproductions for Polyester Greeting Card, design by Polyester Studio

Andora Graphics for Matter 2013 New Year Package, design by Matter Strategic Design



Andora Graphics for Knot PR, design by Cinderbloc


For more information and to view a catalogue of the winning entries, visit http://www.unisourcedesign.ca/