Learn more about attaining the RGD designation

Achieving the Registered Graphic Designer designation indicates your knowledge, experience and commitment to ethical practices and to the advancement of the profession. Taking the steps to become a certified RGD is less daunting and more rewarding than you might think. Take a moment and learn more about the RGD Exam Process, The RGD Board and more.


To become an RGD, a designer must be professionally competent in areas of business, design principles, research and ethics and must be able to demonstrate the successful application of this knowledge to design problems. Earning the designation requires the completion of a written test and portfolio interview. 


The Written Test is comprised of multiple choice questions. It covers four main sections: Design History & Research, Business & Design Principles, Technology and Rules of Professional Conduct. 


Portfolio Interviews are conducted over 25-minutes by three members of the Exam Portfolio Evaluation Committee. Currently candidates can have their interviews remotely over Skype (presenting to three reviewers in Toronto) or in person at the RGD office in downtown Toronto. The Exam Board is currently investigating the possibility of conducting completely virtual interviews where all three interviewers and the candidate can be in different locations. 


Interviewers have been active in the industry for a minimum of ten years and are committed to furthering the goals of the Association. "I am a Portfolio Examiner so I can help assess the quality of designers being accepted and ensure we maintain a consistent level of design standards, design thinking and experience necessary for the RGD designation." says Jennifer Weaymouth RGD, Weaymouth Creative.


Further details regarding the Exam Board, the application process for becoming an RGD, details about the written test and the portfolio interview and Frequently Asked Questions are posted on the Membership page of rgd.ca under 'RGD Certification'