Member outreach leads to amended RFP

In a case that proves the effectiveness of one individual with the backing of a credible organization, CanoeKayak Canada immediately revises their RFP and hosts an ethical and successful bidding process.


Ottawa-based organization CanoeKayak's initial RFP for the redevelopment of its website: requested that sketches for web page designs be included in submitted proposals.


Ian Miller, Communications and Marketing Officer at CanoeKayak Canada, was informed by one of our Members that this speculative practice of seeking free creative as part of the RFP conflicts with industry standards, and particularly with RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct.


Mr. Miller responded immediately by issuing an Addendum to the RFP that referenced the Association and our Rules of Professional Conduct.


With an understanding that this scenario showcases the beneficial work RGD does for its members, Mr. Miller was kind enough to reach out and share the story with us. “Organizations don’t always know the industry standards. With the clear information on the RGD website, we were able to understand the greater creative process involved and correct our RFP,” he explained.


CanoeKayak has since closed the RFP and found a successful bidder, without utilizing any speculative practices.


RGD commends CanoeKayak Canada on their transparency, consideration for industry best practices and diligence in taking immediate action to ratify the initial RFP.