Changes to RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct address diversity and respectfulness in the workplace


RGD Members are committed to the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour, by agreeing to abide by RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct and Certified RGDs must pass an Online Test that includes a section on Ethics.


Certified RGDs will vote on changes to RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct as part of the Annual Meeting on April 25.


Specific additions to RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct are as follows:


Within Rule 2: “I will engage in the practice, management and/or instruction of graphic design in an ethical and lawful manner,” the following Policies are being added:

“As an employer, I will strive to create an inclusive, discrimination-free work environment and treat all my employees with respect and dignity.”


“As an employer, I will support diversity in the workplace, whether that is in regards to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or people with disabilities.”


RGD's Ethics Committee, a group of committed RGD volunteers, meets monthly to review the Rules, combat spec work and develop best practices and advocacy initiatives. Currently the Committee is busy at work comparing our Rules with the Code of Conduct of the GDC in the hopes of developing one consistent document.


RGD's other advocacy efforts cover best practices for graphic designers and the clients they work with, including on issues of spec work and crowdsourcing; accessibilityinternships and more. 


For more information on RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct, click here.