RGD Annual Committee Reports for 2013 now available


Each year, RGD's Board of Directors and Committee Members work to deliver programming, come up with new initiatives and brainstorm strategies for furthering the Association's mandate of establishing and promoting professional standards and best practices through our industry.  The positive efforts of these volunteers help strengthen the organization and help RGD reach and exceed our goals in support of the design community. 


On April 24, Members gathered at the Annual General Meeting to review the Association's accomplishments over the past year and elect the Board of Directors for 2014. At this meeting, the following reports were presented: 

President's Report

Exam Board Report

Communications Report

Education Report

Ethics Report

Membership Report

PR Report

Provisional Report

Student Report


Click here to download a complete PDF of all of RGD's 2013 Committee Reports. 


For more information on RGD's Board of Directors, click here.

For details on RGD's Committees, click here.


recording of the Annual General Meeting is available to view on Vimeo.