RGD Community Updates: K9 Identity, New Hires, Career Moves and more


Check out what RGD Members have been up to! 


Design Edge Canada welcomes Jef Catapang as new Editor in Chief

Robin Honey RGD and the team at HONEY Design celebrate '25 Years of Great Brands'

Norm Lourenco RGD and the team at K9 Strategy + Design introduce a new identity

Ric Riordon RGD, Shirley Riordon RGD and the team at Riordon Design open up shop at their new location


New Hires

Carey George RGD and the team at Goods & Services welcome new team members Maryan Zalusky, Design Director; Rachel Kenworthy, Editor; Jess Arnold, Account Coordinator; and Emily McKay, Account Coordinator


Career Moves

Geoff Redwood RGD is now Associate Creative Director at JAN Kelley Marketing 

Michael Beni Prov RGD is now Marketing Director at Open Concept Films

Kristie Bolduc Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at Sunrise Medical

Talia Dimerman Prov RGD is now Junior Graphic Designer at DentsuBos

Kathryn Manley Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at SK Group Inc. 


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