DIAC study reveals the long-term value of investing in design
As a member of the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC), RGD is committed to working with other design disciplines to highlight the value of our industry. A recent study produced by the DIAC and the Martin Prosperty Institute at U of T asked Canadian business leaders to reflect on the impact of design on their organizational success.


With funding provided by Industry Canada and the City of Toronto, the study reached out to organizations working at the cutting edge of innovation, including MEC, UmbraHealthcare Human Factors, Canplas and Teknion. Interviews with leaders within these organizations focused on design's impact for business and revealed the importance of investing in design for the long term and continuing to make this investment a priority, even in recessionary times.  


Creative people want to work in an environment where innovation is valued and ideas can be put into action. The more creative we become, the easier it is to attract and retain creative people. ” - Jeff Bayley, President and CEO, Canplas


“Design is at the centre of our business model. It can be the driver for every innovation in every different department.” -- Paul Rowan, Vice President Inspiration and Co-Founder, Umbra


"To me, design, sustainability, finance, human resources … I don’t think you can look at design as a discreet and separate part of what we do because it’s embedded in the business, it’s part of what we do. And we cannot remove design from the final customer experience and expect our business to be better. In fact, it’s not going to fly. So the question to me is not why you’d invest in design, it is: What is the appropriate investment in all of these discreet and separate parts of the whole and how do we make the whole as effective as possible?" -- David Labistour, President and CEO of MEC 


Video highlights: 

Why Invest in Design? from DIAC on Vimeo.


Click here to download the report 'Why Invest in Design?'